Products Information
Our range of products aim at improving your driving experience. Our radios provide a hands free means of interacting with your phone, by proving calls, music, maps and other features all on your dashboard. The stereos sync with your phone, through either a wired or wireless connection depending on the unit, so to provide a safe experience without using your phone.
How long does delivery take?
We aim at processing your order within 24 hours, and aim at dispatching it as soon as the order has been processed. All the products on our website have varying delivery speeds, so please do refer to the items description to determine shipping times. We work with third party delivery companies, both national (Royal Mail) and international (DHL & UPS), and you will be able to track your order once dispatched.
Do the units cause battery drain?
All units on the website have been extensively tested to ensure they are safe to use for your vehicle and future-proof. This means that the units should not be causing any battery drain issues, as long as they have been installed correctly according to our guides. Please note that if you do carry out any electrical work or replace/disconnect the battery, you will need to reset the unit for it to once again work correctly. In the unlikely event that the unit does cause issues, please do get in contact with us and we will be glad to assist you.
Are my steering wheel buttons compatible?
Yes, your steering wheel buttons will work with any of our units. In some cases you will require what`s referred as a CANBUS steering wheel adapter. Please refer to the item description to find out whether you may need it.
How do I install the radio in my vehicle?
The procedure outlining how to install the radios can be found in the item description of the unit. We are aiming at including links to future Youtube videos, which will facilitate the installation process.
Will the unit be comaptible with my car?
Please refer to the item description of the unit to figure out whether you car will be a fit, as you will find a list of compatible cars.